Pet or Pest: Why Nelson woman Kay McPherson has kept a stray possum as a pet

Possums are pests in New Zealand but when one woman's dog killed a mother possum and left the baby possum to fend for itself, she couldn't help but rescue the joey.

Kay McPherson was walking her dogs in the Maitai Valley in Nelson and did not want to leave the joey behind after one of her dogs killed its mother.

McPherson decided to take the baby possum home and keep it as a pet.

She told The Project having the possum was like looking after a typical baby.

"There's the feeding and the keeping warm and the crying when not being looked after properly but growing more entertaining."

When asked why she didn't kill the baby possum McPherson said she didn't have the heart to kill it.

"I can't kill, I am pretty shite at killing most things."

McPherson also told The Project she hadn't thought about what will happen when the possum gets older.

"I am not really a planning sort of person," she told The Project.

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