Pothole crisis: The 'Waka Kotahi swimming hole' so big a child can fit in it

  • 13/10/2022

An East Coast man has made light of the current state of many of New Zealand's roads - sending his 10-year-old son into one for a "swim".

Ian Newman shared the video on social media, showing the boy popping his head from inside the pothole - clearly big enough for a 10-year-old child to sit in - donning a snorkel. 

"I took the boys down to one of those Waka Kotahi swimming holes that are popping up everywhere," Newman captioned the video.

Newman said the pothole dated back to March when it was created by heavy rain and had yet to be fixed.

He said locals had placed road cones around the pothole over fears it could rip a motorist's tyre off.

Potholes have been in the headlines recently, with people across New Zealand slamming the sorry state of the country's roads.

"Our roads are in the worst condition that many people have ever seen," said Automobile Association road safety spokesperson Dylan Thomsen. 

"There is a range of factors playing a part in that but the biggest one is that there hasn’t been enough investment going into road repairs and maintenance for many years," he told Newshub last month. 

Transport Minister Michael Wood said the last National Government's lack of spending on road maintenance was partly to blame for the state of New Zealand's transport network. 

"We've completed significant [roads] like the Waikato Expressway which comes through to Cambridge," Wood told AM on Friday. "The reality across our land transport system is we have a lot of pressures in terms of the investments we got to make."