AA says Road to Zero safety campaign is 'struggling to make progress' as road toll heads towards 370-380 fatalities this year

  • 21/11/2022

The Automobile Association says the Government's Road to Zero safety campaign is "struggling to make progress" as Aotearoa's road toll could reach 370 - 380 this year. 

AA spokesperson Dylan Thomsen told AM "a lot more" work could be done to improve the country's state highway networks.

"A key thing would be medium barriers. I know some people can question them or not like them that much, the reality is - if you put a medium barrier down a highway, generally you're looking at a 60 percent reduction in fatal and serious crashes."

He added more police should be on our roads and their presence should be felt as strong as it used to be.

Thomsen told AM, among other things - a shift in culture is needed too. 

"We've still got a 'she'll be right' attitude, and most of the time it will be right but every now and then [it won't be]."

Watch the full interview above.