Charities across New Zealand work around the clock to help people in need over Christmas

For many people, the festive season means work has wound down for the year but for some charities, it means work is really just ramping up. 

Support groups said they're busier than they've ever been making sure families are fed this Christmas. 

On Saturday at 10am, someone was called to help in west Auckland and by 11am, Give a Kid a Blanket co-founder Bernie Harfleet and his partner have provided for another family in need.

"[It's] pretty typical really. We get a phone call or email from police in the morning. She's gone to an incident, she's found a family that needs some support," Harfleet said.

That support comes in many forms, whether it's food, blankets, sanitary items, clothes, toys and nappies - it's all available on request. 

"Helping families out when they've got no food in the cupboards. It's a good feeling to be able to do that for them," Constable Vicki Bishop said.

The charity helps assist not only Police with their mahi, but other community support groups, too. 

"They've been lifesavers. For families that don't have anything to have a wee gift of food or pyjamas or blankets and there's always something extra that goes in - it's just fantastic," crisis counsellor Teresa Thomson said.

But Harfleet said getting the supplies is becoming more and more difficult.

"The difference we absolutely note both this winter and this Christmas is that donating community that normally gives - is struggling to do so."

Charities across west Auckland don't let it get in their way because Christmas is non-stop.

"The need has been higher than ever before. More and more charities are calling us for more and more kai," Fair Food general manager Michelle Blau told Newshub.

Two hundred people volunteer at Fair Food and in December alone it's handed out more than 100,000 meals. 

"It's a need that never seems to have an end, but also we're happy that we're here to try to meet it," Blau said.

Helping make a difference not only at Christmas but every day of the year.