New Government energy announcement praised by industry for mitigating future risk of blackouts

Energy Resources Aotearoa has commended the Government for its announcement that they are seeking feedback on the development of offshore renewable energy sources like wind farms. 

Speaking in Taranaki on Thursday, Minister of Energy and Resources Megan Woods said: "As we work through our energy transition we need a good evidential base we are making these decisions on.

"Technology like wind farms set off the coast of New Zealand can deliver a clean, stable source of renewable energy to help us become more energy-independent and avoid the fluctuations in the cost of fossil fuels like oil and coal," she continued.

"The proposals released today set out potential approaches to manage feasibility activity, with consideration of environmental and cultural factors alongside commercial viability."

Woods said the consultation is going to examine the environmental impacts and the cultural implications, such as how iwi are involved and what the benefits are.

Energy Resources Aotearoa CEO John Carnegie commended the announcement.

"The announcement today shows the importance of Government policy settings in creating the conditions for the energy industry to flourish. When the Government creates the right conditions, firms are able to plan and undertake projects with confidence."

Carnegie emphasised that predictable policy signals from the Government are key to ensuring New Zealand mitigates the risk of more blackouts. 

A diverse portfolio of energy sources will help ensure predictable prices, reliability of supply, and a more sustainable energy future, he said.

"New Zealand has high levels of renewable resources - so we are well positioned globally to create a sustainable energy system for generations to come," Woods said.

"Ensuring we have the right settings in place to encourage development of offshore renewable infrastructure will enable us to deliver net zero emissions by 2050."