Operation Trump Card: Police seize 15 Wellington properties belonging to alleged burglary ring

Wellington police have seized 15 properties belonging to the two alleged offenders involved in Operation Trump Card, which saw more than 3000 stolen items recovered. 

Asset Recovery Unit's Acting Detective Senior Sergeant Alex Macdonald said the 15 Wellington properties are still being worked through but are expected to be valued in the millions.

"Operation Trump Card saw three people arrested for their alleged involvement in an organised burglary ring and a significant amount of stolen goods recovered."

Police said the unit secured restraining orders pursuant to the Criminal Proceeds Recovery Act in the Wellington High Court last week. 

Det Snr Srgt Macdonald said Operation Trump Card should send a clear message that the unit does not just target gangs "but anyone who wishes to profit off crime and cause harm to our communities". 

The goods were seized in raids on houses and 15 commercial storage units and amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods.

The items include:

  • 285 bikes
  • 950 power tools
  • 2 baths
  • 10 generators
  • 8 concrete cutters
  • 10 infinity gas heaters
  • 695 new and packaged tapware and mixes
  • 46 Fujitsu heat pumps
  • 33 laptops
  • 8 computers
  • 132 household appliances/whiteware
  • 27 e-scooters