Top tips to prevent your parcel being stolen this festive season

NZ Post is urging Kiwis to be vigilant and take extra time to make sure their parcels get delivered safely this holiday season.

It comes as people have been reporting parcels being stolen from their front doorstep.

A video posted on a local Facebook group shows a woman appearing to disguise herself as a courier driver. She walks up to the front door of a property and steals a package from someone's doorstep. 

NZ Post North Auckland regional manager Patrick Pope told AM on Tuesday it was "absolutely gutting" and "disappointing" to see the footage. 

"Our people work extremely hard to deliver for Kiwis and it really hurts us deep when we see something like that," Pope told AM co-host Ryan Bridge. 

He urges Kiwis to report anyone they think is suspicious to the police.

"We remind New Zealanders if they see anybody suspicious, say hanging around letterboxes or following a vehicle, it becomes a police matter to report it," he said. 

"We regularly have conversations with our delivery drivers and remind them of the correct security procedures to follow if they notice someone following them as well." 

Pope told AM they have tools available to help, but Kiwis need to use them.

"We love Christmas and we get a lot of packages delivered, so it's really important to be vigilant," he said. 

"We offer services, for example, if you're not going to be home, there's Leave my Package, where you can sign up and you can actually tell us a safe spot to leave your parcel." 

NZ Post North Auckland regional manager Patrick Pope.
NZ Post North Auckland regional manager Patrick Pope. Photo credit: AM

NZ Post also offers Collect my Parcel, where you can choose one of over 300 stores around New Zealand to get your package delivered to and pick it up at a time that suits you. 

Pope said for all of their services, the easiest way to organise it is through the NZ Post website. 

"But for example, Leave my Package, you'll get a tracking number that will come through and you go onto that tracking number," he said. 

"You have the ability to tell us where you want us to leave that parcel. The key for us is just around access and somewhere easy to get to, but it's very, very simple."

Police tips to keep your parcels safe 

Police said parcel theft is an issue that rises over the holiday period and they urge Kiwis to keep an eye out for deliveries and for their neighbours.

They had simple tips and advice for Kiwis to keep their parcels safe. 

  • Get packages delivered to a place where someone will be home to receive them, or to a work address.
  • If you do have deliveries made to your home, make sure you're going to be home to sign for them, or have a secure location where they can be left.
  • Make sure your delivery instructions are clear, and ask for packages not to be placed at your front door, or on top of an apartment building post box.
  • If you're not going to be home when the parcel is delivered, arrange to collect your parcel from the depot, or have the parcel redirected to the address of someone you trust.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour to Police - e.g. if you see a car following a courier van, or an unexpected visitor knocks on your door asking for someone you don't know.
  • If you see any suspicious activity, such as people loitering around vehicles or looking into car windows, please contact Police immediately by phoning 111.

Police also urge people to join a neighbourhood support group as it can be a good way to deter theft, as more people in your neighbourhood can keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

"You can also provide information about non-emergency incidents via the Police non-emergency number 105, or anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111," police said.

Watch the full interview with Patrick Pope above.