Almost every Auckland beach unsafe to swim at due to wastewater overflows

The majority of Auckland beaches are unsafe to swim in.
The majority of Auckland beaches are unsafe to swim in. Photo credit: SafeSwim

The deluge of rain that hit Auckland over the past 24 hours may have subsided, but the city's beaches remain largely unsafe to swim at.

On Auckland Council's Safeswim website over 15 beaches have a black water droplet placed on them, because they have been affected by wastewater overflow.

The black mark is the highest warning the Auckland Council can issue and people are advised not to swim in those areas.

A vast number of other beaches have red ticks next to them, where swimming is also not advised. 

As of Saturday, the following Auckland beaches have a black mark issued to them:

  • Point England
  • Beach Haven
  • Chapman Strand
  • Taipari Strand
  • Milford
  •  Milford South
  •  St Heliers
  •  Narrowneck
  • Mission Bay Beach
  •  Okahu Beach
  • Te Tiana
  • St Mary's Bay
  • Herne Bay
  • Home Bay
  • Beach Haven
  •   Mairangi Bay.

A map of the beaches in Auckland and their safety levels is available here.

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