Auckland flooding: Local board member Jon Turner's car stolen as he was dropping off pizza for flood-affected families

An Auckland local board member had his car stolen while out delivering items to flood-stricken members of the community, Councillor Richard Hills says.

"As far as I know Jon Turner (Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Ward) who's a local board member in this area had his car stolen as he was dropping off donations and pizza for the residents here," Hills told AM host Melissa Chan-Green on Monday.

"Thankfully I haven't heard many stories like that."

When Newshub asked Turner if he had received any leads as to the whereabouts of his car he said he had had "no luck with the car."

Turner wasn't the only person in Auckland to have something stolen as people began cleaning up in the aftermath of the floods.

District police's inspector Danny Meade said in a statement police arrested a 57-year-old man after he was allegedly caught stealing from a vape store in Wairau Valley on the North Shore.

"About 8:30pm [Sunday] a man and a woman were seen allegedly taking products from a vape store which was made insecure in the rising flood waters."

Police said the alleged offenders were stopped as they were putting a "significant number of products into a van".

When police searched the man's vehicle they found a number of stolen items from another business nearby which was also impacted by the floods.

"This type of opportunist behaviour when people are just trying to deal with an emergency is pretty low.

"The effect of burglary and theft is evident on small and big businesses as well - it's selfish and thoughtless," Insp Meade said.

The man is set to appear at the North Shore District Court faced with burglary charges and the woman was issued a formal warning.