Auckland flooding: New Zealand Insurance Council estimates record number of claims to come

The Insurance Council of New Zealand says Auckland's severe weather might result in a record number of claims due to how severe and widespread the event was. 

It comes as the big cleanup got underway for homeowners and businesses left to pick up the pieces and evaluate the cost of damage.

Water-logged vehicles were left abandoned, littering surrounding streets and sitting amongst debris waiting for tow trucks to arrive.

Car after car was trapped in water right across the region, and the insurance claims kept coming in.

"We believe we've had across AMI, State and NZI around 300 [insurance claims] to date. we expect a few more of those. If your car has been flooded, don't drive it," IAG CEO Amanda Whiting said.

Insurance Council New Zealand CEO Tim Grafton said: "This is pretty much unprecedented on this scale. People will remember a couple of years ago west Auckland was hit pretty badly.

"This time around the North Shore, west Auckland, down south, pretty much everywhere has been affected. Businesses as well as homes and motor vehicles all over the place."

Watch the video above.