Auckland flooding: Prime Minister Chris Hipkins walks through devastation, talks to affected residents

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins and Emergency Management Minister Kieran McAnulty have arrived in Auckland and toured the devastation left by the severe weather event.

Three are dead and another missing following torrential rain and heavy flooding, and locals face an immense clean-up task.

Arriving on Saturday, Hipkins is in Auckland to meet emergency staff on the ground, assess the damage caused by last night’s deluge and understand what support is required.

The Prime Minister was filmed walking through streets hit hard by the flooding. Speaking to one resident, Hipkins asked how people were bouncing back today.

"There's a couple down there that are struggling a bit but trying to clean up. A lot of people are still not home," one person replied.

Hipkins then went inside one house affected by the flooding, where another resident said their main focus had been on helping their parents.

"I'm very sorry this is happening to you," McAnulty added.

Watch the video.