Auckland's wild weather wrecks boats, cancels ferry services

Auckland's been slammed by wind gusts and relentless rain which saw some ferry services cancelled altogether.

Boats have been pulled from their mooring - and one succumbed fully to the ocean depths.

A small boat moored in Shoal Bay has been sunk into Auckland's tumultuous harbour. And it wasn't the only casualty.

Another boat was spotted washed ashore nearby - and a boat ramp in Ohaku Bay didn't stand a chance with the waves splitting it in two.

And while some tried their luck, safety advocates have a simple message for those wanting to brave the elements.

"You just shouldn't be out," said Water Safety NZ CEO Daniel Gerrard.

Gerrard is warning this disappointing summer weather is an accident waiting to happen. He said while Auckland's seen worse, it's no excuse to play with danger.

"If you're making that choice to go out in conditions that are unsavoury, that are not appropriate. It's going to come back on you," he said.

"So don't be that guy this summer, make sure you're taking all the necessary care you can."

This weather has caused havoc for Auckland's seabound public transport. All ferry services to Pine Harbour, all Gulf Harbour services and all ferries to Rakino were cancelled on Friday. And with much of the ferry network down, sea shuttles had to pick up the slack.

"Mainly dealing with Rakino today, and because the ferries had been cancelled, then people had been stuck out there for three or four days, or longer," Sea Shuttles Owner Steve Latham said.

"Yesterday and the day before there was no way I was going anywhere near that ocean. It was very angry. It was crazy. It was out of control."

And with the forecast tealeaves proving difficult to read.

"The big risk factor really is the unpredictability. If you look at any of the weather maps, you'll see it's a really complex system," said Coastguard NZ head of operations Rob McCaw.

"You can really go from a situation where you look off a beach and go 'that looks ok, I'll give it a nudge' to something that's really quite dangerous."

Aucklanders being told when in doubt, don't go out.