Aucklanders warned to expect delays across entire transport network as clean-up continues

It was Auckland Anniversary Day today, so pressure on the travel network was light - but expect delays on Tuesday.

And because of the 37-hour airport closure around 9000 Air New Zealand customers are still in limbo.

It's operation clean-up at Auckland International Airport. The flooding from Friday night may have receded but the carpet's still soggy and the electronics majorly compromised - water is still being pumped out of one escalator that was full to the brim.

"It is more behind the scenes, if we think about escalators and lifts and those types of things the circuits getting wet is a bit of a problem," said Auckland Airport CEO Carrie Hurihanganui.

Air NZ's international flights have resumed. About 25,000 people were due to fly out on Monday but the backlog is still huge.

"Nine-thousand international customers - we're concerned for them and we want to get their travel plans sorted out and get them on their way as soon as possible," said Air NZ chief operational integrity and safety officer David Morgan.

Air New Zealand says it had over 31,000 calls on Sunday, which speaks to just how disruptive the flood event has been. And with Auckland Anniversary weekend coming to an end, Aucklanders have been told to prepare for delays across the entire transport network.

"Expect delays across the public transport system. We will be operating around 90 percent capacity on all of our bus services but there's likely to be delays through to road closures and some detours so build extra travel time into your journeys," said Auckland Transport Interim CEO Mark Lambert.

Trains will be limited due to slips, like one at Meadowbank.

"This is the Eastern Line. We're very confident - we've got workers there today - that that line will be open tomorrow under speed restrictions, but we'll get the work done so passengers can travel," said KiwiRail CEO Peter Reidy.

On Tuesday the Eastern line will only operate between Manukau and Otahuhu. You'll have to transfer at Otahuhu to get to the CBD. Meanwhile the Western Line will only go as far as New Lynn.

And if you're thinking of driving to work tomorrow Auckland Transport says you need to plan ahead.

"At this point we have 45 road closures or partial road closures," Lambert said.

Because with more bad weather on the horizon, nobody wants a repeat of this.