Earthquake shakes upper North Island

Kiwis said they were woken by the shaking early on Wednesday morning.
Kiwis said they were woken by the shaking early on Wednesday morning. Photo credit: GeoNet

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake has shaken the North Island on Wednesday morning. 

The earthquake struck 5km south of Te Aroha in Waikato at around 5:39am at a depth of 7km, GeoNet said in its preliminary report. 

The quake was in the same spot as the magnitude 3.9 last week, GeoNet said, with more than 20,000 people reporting they had felt the "strong shaking" that rumbled throughout Auckland and Waikato. 

GeoNet noted that both the earthquakes are likely on the same fault system.

"A reminder that earthquakes can occur anywhere in New Zealand at any time. In the event of a large earthquake: Drop, Cover and Hold," it tweeted.

Following the rumble, a number of Kiwis shared on Twitter they had been woken by the shaking. One user said there was no damage to their property, but items had fallen from the shelves. 

Another said: "Nothing like being woken up by an earthquake to remind you you're in NZ! That was a long one."

One man told Newshub he was woken at around 5:40am after his headboard began knocking against the wall and the bed started swaying from "side to side". 

"I must say that I was unsure of what was going on as I was having a solid sleep - didn't even think about going in the doorway or dropping, covering and holding. It has definitely got me thinking about securing bulky items, plus preparing a survival kit," he said. 

A Hamilton resident also told Newshub he was woken by the quake at around 5:40am, with the rumbling causing a "strange noise" throughout his home. 

"I thought someone was possibly in the house, almost like someone banged a wall, as glasses sounded like clanging," he said. 

After checking his security cameras and determining an intruder wasn't to blame for the "rattle", the man said he checked GeoNet and found his home had been rocked by the earthquake. 

Aftershock rocks Waikato, Bay of Plenty

A moderate 3.9 magnitude tremor was also recorded later on Wednesday, rocking the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions as aftershocks continue in the wake of this morning's earthquake. 

The latest quake, which struck at 11:21am, was felt by many across the two regions. In its preliminary report, GeoNet said its epicentre was 5km south of Te Aroha at a depth of 5km.

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