Great white shark 'Daisy' moves to Waihi Beach from Mt Maunganui, tracking app shows

  • 12/01/2023

Daisy the great white shark has made her way to Waihi Beach in Bay of Plenty - and she's not the only creature in the vicinity.

Data from the Great White tracking app has located Daisy just off the coast of Waihi Beach after last week being tracked at Mt Maunganui. 

Meanwhile a second shark, Takami, was tracked as being around nearby Matakana Island on Thursday.

The sharks were tagged last year by expert Riley Elliot, the founder of the non-profit Sustainable Ocean Society. Daisy was tagged in Bowentown on December 3.

Dr Elliot was tracking the sharks to give people a better scientific understanding of their movements.

He had 18 more tags available to put on great whites and track their movements, he told Newshub last week

The Department of Conservation (DoC) has said great white sharks being in New Zealand's shallower coast areas was not unusual.  

"Both the west and east coasts of the top half of the North Island are considered a nursery area for great white sharks in New Zealand," DoC marine expert Clinton Duffy said in 2021.

"Adult and sub-adult sharks also inhabit shelf waters, but these larger individuals also make large scale oceanic migrations."

Great white shark 'Daisy' moves to Waihi Beach from Mt Maunganui, tracking app shows
Photo credit: Great White App

According to Dr Elliot, a handful of great white sharks had been spotted around New Zealand so far this summer. 

Great white sharks are protected under the Wildlife Act 1953, meaning it's illegal to hunt, kill or harm them. 

People can see the movements of the sharks tracked by Dr Elliot via the Great White App and the Sustainable Ocean Website.