Harbourmaster disappointed by Bay of Plenty boatie behaviour

Harbourmaster disappointed by Bay of Plenty boatie behaviour
Photo credit: Getty Images


The Bay of Plenty harbourmaster says a disappointing number of recreational boaties are speeding and not wearing lifejackets.

For the past two-and-a-half months, patrols have handed out 345 breach notices.

Harbourmaster Jon Jon Peters has said the biggest culprits are power boat and jetski users.

He said two-thirds of the speeding violations were committed by people on jetskis.

Not only this, but an increasing number of kayak and paddleboard users are also not carrying lifejackets.

Of the 86 lifejacket breaches, 22 were kyakers and 17 were paddleboarders.

"The stark reality is we had two people drown on Rotorua lakes last year who were in kayaks and not wearing lifejackets," said Peters.

He said those using craft on the water can face a $200 for breaking the rules.

Despite this, Peters said it was great to see the majority of boaties sticking to the rules and being great to deal with.


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