New Zealander Andrew Bagshaw missing in Ukraine

New Zealander Andrew Bagshaw has gone missing in Ukraine.

He went there as a volunteer to assist the people of Ukraine by delivering humanitarian aid.

A statement released on Monday morning said: 

"Philip and Susan Bagshaw confirm their son Andrew has been reported missing in Ukraine.

"They say Andrew is a very intelligent, independently minded person, who went there as a volunteer to assist the people of Ukraine, believing it to be the morally right thing to do.

"He was born in the UK, and Philip and Susan are very grateful for all the agencies from both London and NZ, who are working so hard to find him.  They are particularly grateful to Kiwi K.A.R.E, an NGO working with volunteers in Ukraine.

"Andrew’s parents love him dearly and are immensely proud of all the work he has been doing delivering food and medicines and assisting elderly people move from near the battlefront of the war.  

"They request that the media respect their privacy until there are any substantial developments."

His father is renowned surgeon Phil Bagshaw, who was awarded Companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit (CNZM) for his services to health in 2019. He helped establish the Canterbury Charity Hospital and now chairs its trust.

The hospital has treated more than 20,000 people since it opened in Christchurch in 2007.

It has been offering free elective day surgeries and medical clinics to people who did not qualify for or could not afford other health care.

Since then, it has grown to four connected buildings, with a new purpose built reception area, kitchen and flat which opened last December.

Dr Sue Bagshaw has worked in the youth health sector for three decades and is also a senior lecturer in paediatrics at the University of Otago in Christchurch.

New Zealander Dominic Abelen was killed while fighting Russian forces in Ukraine last year and his body was not able to be repatriated.

Abelen had served with New Zealand Defence Force, but at the time of his death he had been on a period of leave without pay and was not on active duty.

Following his death the military contacted solders on leave without pay to stress they could not go to Ukraine as per the 'do not travel' advisory.

A group of New Zealand soldiers were officially deployed in the UK from the end of August 2022 until 30 November 2022 to train Ukranian infantry recruits.