Self-proclaimed 'Christian leader' Lincoln Russ shut down in Queenstown, Wānaka after ranting about 'repenting of homosexuality'

Warning: The videos in this article contain offensive language.

A self-proclaimed Christchurch "Christian leader" claims people who confronted him in Otago during a rant as part of his so-called "repentance tour" are possessed by demons.

Lincoln Russ, who describes himself in his Facebook bio as a leader who's "gathering Christians in Christchurch to build God's kingdom on Earth", angered people in Wānaka this week after roaming around with a microphone making claims about seeing "demons cast out of people" and that homosexuals needed to repent.

In one of a series of live videos he posted on Facebook this week - all at different South Island locations - a protester confronts Russ in Wānaka and sings over the top of him while he rants.

Russ claims God wanted the protester "to come out tonight, because what it does… is give my message confirmation".

A member of the public sitting outside a cafe then grabs Russ' microphone: "Turn it down," she says. "F**king turn it down!

"I don't need to see that sh*t."

Russ grabs the microphone back and continues with his rant but he's soon approached by another angry member of the public. Russ then walks away from the town's central business district. 

A subsequent TikTok video of the incident shared by Russ claimed the protesters were "demon-possessed".

In an earlier video filmed in Queenstown, Russ is seen being approached by police officers after he concludes ranting on the town's waterfront.

"God bless our police and God bless you watching at home," he says as the officers approach him.

Russ then walks away with the officers, to the cheers and applause of members of the public.

A police spokesperson said it could not comment on the matter. Newshub has contacted Russ for comment.

Russ has previously claimed it would be a "great victory for life" if people received the death penalty for abortion. 

His Facebook page is filled with posts promoting his so-called "repentance tour", some of them with a bank account listed asking for support.

Earlier posts claim "we don't hate gay people, we hate the agenda" and claimed then-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would start a "new war on the church of New Zealand in a way no Government has ever began [sic] in New Zealand will ramp up quickly against God's people".