Video: Wellington couple surprised by group of sharks during swim at popular beach

A Wellington couple was surprised to see a group of small sharks swimming happily in Oriental Bay while they were taking a dip in the water themselves.

Linnea Vartun and her boyfriend went down to Oriental Bay on Tuesday and while it was too cold for her, her boyfriend braved the deeper, cooler water. But when the water reached her boyfriend's waist, he saw a couple of small sharks.

"He just suddenly was pointing to the water and I thought he was just seeing some cute fish," Vartun told Newshub. 

"And then I just asked if it was some cute fish or something, but he told me, 'No, it's sharks'."

Vartun said she and her partner walked further along the shoreline and that's when about 20 sharks around 60cm long appeared. 

"I've never seen one before."

Vartun wasn't sure what type of sharks they were, so she posted a video of them in the Wellington community Facebook group Vic Deals. Most people speculated they were rig sharks, with one person jokingly suggesting they were great whites.

Despite the animals swimming close to the shoreline, Vartun said her boyfriend still dunked his head under.

"They never touched him or anything, but they swam really close to him."

Vartun said the sharks haven't put her or her boyfriend off swimming at Oriental Bay again. She said: "I'll definitely swim again when the weather gets better."