Wild weather: Coromandel flooding has 'put a lot of pressure' on District Council

The Coromandel faces a big cleanup after the district was hit by heavy rain and flooding this week. 

Thames-Coromandel District Council's acting chief executive Bruce Hinson told Newshub the rainfall "puts a lot of pressure on the system."

"We had about 115 mm [of rain] just last night so this is pretty unprecedented.

"A lot of rain, a lot of wet ground out there."

In the last 72 hours, the popular holiday destination has had over 400mm of rain.

Hinson told Newshub the roads in the district are one of the main things to be affected by the wild weather, which has created slips and needs to be cleared away.

"We've got a lot of people around the district at the moment holidaying and if they can't  get around the network, around the roads then it's a bit of a challenge."

Another area that has been impacted by the flooding is the district's water supply production.

"A lot of the materials comes down the rivers so our crews have to work flat out [for] 24 hours really to keep producing safe, clean drinking water which they manage to do which is fantastic," Hinson told Newshub.

A third area under pressure is the storm water system for the district.

"Our stormwater systems really have to handle the phenomenal amounts of rain and so far they have done pretty well actually, everything has kind of returned to normal now," Hinson said.

"The Coromandel is kind of classic as far as very steep catchments up into the ranges and then very flat areas where all the houses and businesses are."

Hinson said although the weather is forecasted to clear up over the weekend he urged people to take care when in the region.

"If you're out driving, you have got to be prepared and you have got to be careful," he said. "You could come round a corner and there could be a slip in the middle of the road."