Wild Wellington police chase caught on camera

A wild police chase in Wellington has been caught on camera and uploaded to social media.

On Reddit, the user u/icant_downvote uploaded the video of the chase with the caption: "This was pretty wild to see in person. I didn't stick around long enough to see the outcome."

In the video, which was uploaded on Thursday, several police cars were seen flashing their sirens and chasing a wayward driver who was swerving between lanes.

On Friday police told Newshub in a statement a stolen vehicle was seen on Hutt Road at around 7:00pm on Thursday night.

"Two youths have been taken into custody following a fleeing driver incident in Wellington and the Hutt Valley yesterday evening," police said.

"Police tracked the vehicle as it travelled north and successfully deployed road spikes on State Highway 2 which brought the vehicle to a stop near Haywards Hill."

No one was injured in the chase and two young people were taken into custody and will be referred to youth services.