Youths steal ice cream in latest ram-raid, four people in police custody

Youths steal ice cream in latest ram-raid, four people in police custody
Photo credit: Newshub.

By Mohammad Alafeshat of RNZ

Four youths are in custody following a smash and grab at an east Auckland shopping complex this morning.

A butchery and a fruit and vegetable shop were among those targeted in the latest attack.

A police spokesperson said they received a report of a break-in at a butchery on Felton Mathew Avenue at 3am.

Police rushed to the scene but the car had fled down the Ellerslie/Panmure highway.

"No pursuit was initiated, but police helicopter Eagle kept observation," the spokesperson said.

"The vehicle was spiked successfully in Greenlane, but continued on. It eventually came to a stop on Atkin Avenue in Mission Bay, where four youths were taken into custody."

Saint Johns Butchery manager Dave Clark said the fruit and vegetable shop next door was ram-raided first.

"We had five teenagers involved, they have smashed a large glass panel to gain entry, which is a quarter of the size of the shop," Clark said.

"Three of them entered the shop looking for cash, one was holding a sizeable knife.

"The other offender took a heap of ice cream, that was the only thing stolen from the shop."

Clark said police got there quickly, but were not surprised it was a bunch of teenagers involved.

"The really disappointing this about this story is that the cop I spoke to this morning said to me that they will process them but they will be out in a few hours because of their age, with the oldest one being 16.

"He said the likelihood of them doing the same thing again tonight is high."