Auckland flooding: Deputy Desley Simpson backs Mayor Wayne Brown's view flooding will impact Council's budget

Auckland Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson has told an emergency briefing the council's budget for 2023 will be affected by the massive flooding.

She said the council was preparing consultation documents for ratepayers on the latest budget. They will now include information on the impact of the floods.

"They are being tweaked to include the latest event."

Her comments come after Mayor Wayne Brown said the floods - and work around climate change - will have an impact on the council's budget now and in the future.

Simpson has become the second senior Auckland politician to raise the issue of the cost of the floods on ratepayers and the council in one day.

The council was already in the midst of trying to come up with ways to close a $300 million hole in its finances.

Flood-hit property update

  • The Auckland Emergency Management team gave its latest update on the state of the emergency in Tāmaki Makarau this afternoon.
  • 276 buildings have been given red stickers which means they cannot be entered
  • 15,090 properties have yellow stickers which means limited access
  • 20 roads around the city are still closed