Authorities warn Auckland's public infrastructure could take months to recover from catastrophic flooding

Emergency managers in Auckland have revealed at least 5000 residential and commercial buildings have been affected by the recent floods.

Authorities still face a massive job fixing the region's public infrastructure and they're asking people to carefully plan their long-weekend road trips.

Slips, slips, and more slips. That's the main problem facing Auckland's infrastructure at the moment. Although 60 roads have re-opened, 29 are still closed. And as 500 people work around the clock to clear debris, authorities have issued a warning of disruptions to the roading network for those looking to escape the city this Waitangi weekend.

The Waitakere Ranges are still badly damaged and the main route to Northland is shut at the Bryndrwyns, both main roads east into the Coromandel are closed and the main road to Raglan has also been shut indefinitely.

Cracking and slumping on State Highway 23 to Raglan is getting worse - with engineers warning it will not be a quick repair job.

Back in the city, busses are running again but trains are on reduced timetables because they've had speed limits reduced.

Ten Watercare pump stations were catastrophically flooded - but they've now been fixed, and the council's water arm is turning its focus to pipes taken out by raging rivers.

"The bad news is there's a lot of damage we don't know about, the network is vast. There's thousands of kilometres of pipelines and so we're still in the process of stocktaking," said Watercare executive director Andrew Chin.

So the rare black 'do not swim' warnings remain at every Auckland beach.

For those supplying indoor drying equipment, the demand is still relentless.

"We currently don't have any available, of the dehumidifiers," one Hire Pool worker told Newshub on the phone.

Newshub pulled up at Hire Pool in Penrose just as the last carpet fan was being snapped up.

"As fast as the gear comes in, it goes back out. The guys in this branch alone have got a five-page waiting list of people," said Hire Pool general manager sales Gary Richardson.

At least 5000 commercial and residential properties have been hit by the floods.

Progress is steady but slow, and authorities warn it could take months for Auckland's public infrastructure to get back to normal.