Cyclone Gabrielle: Volunteer says people aren't donating right things


Donations are flooding into the embattled Hawke's Bay, but a volunteer from the Haumoana community says while people have been generous, they're not sending the right things.

Volunteer Christie Campbell says many donations centres are now at capacity and have a limited amount of people to process the donations.

She said they needed to balance what they were receiving with what was required, as well as the realities of what they can process.

"Things that are really needed are toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste, loo paper, body wash, cleaning products," Campbell said.

Baby formula, nappies, shelf-stable food and water were also needed.

"We don't need clothes except for gumboots, sneakers, socks and underwear," she said.

Campbell said they were incredibly grateful for all the amazing donations they had received.

"But unfortunately at the moment we just do need the right things to be delivered."

Campbell said items such as bedding and clothes may be needed in the future, but not right now.