Cyclone Gabrielle: Where to get sandbags from in case of floods

Free sandbags are available for Aucklanders to help prevent homes and businesses from flooding with Cyclone Gabrielle hitting the region next week.

The Auckland Emergency Website has advice for people who might need sandbags.  

"Using sandbags during a flood crisis, such as in vulnerable doorways, drains and other openings, will help prevent flood water entering buildings for a short period," the website says.  

"Sandbags can also be used to divert water away from a building, for example using a tarpaulin in front of the sandbags will improve their effectiveness." 

Three temporary sandbagging stations have been set up to help people get ready for the forecasted severe weather.  

"At each sandbagging station, you can collect sand and bags (to fill your own trailer) or make sandbags, you just have to bring your own shovel."

Note: Sandbag supplies are limited and people must only take what they need.

Sandbagging stations can be found at:

  • Windsor Park Baptist Church, 540 East Coast Road Mairangi Bay 0630
  • Glover Park, Glover Road, St Heliers 1071
  • 13-15 Westgate Drive, Westgate 0614

These places will be open from 8am to 8pm (or while stocks last) on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February. 

How to make your own sandbags:

  • Scoop 15kg of sand into a sack

  • Fill bags halfway to give the sand room to expand as it absorbs water

  • Tie the bag closed

  • Use sand or heavy soil for homemade sandbags

Auckland Emergency Management previously advised those in Auckland to have at least three days worth of supplies to be prepared.

If you're unsure of how to lay sandbags this YouTube video explains it.