Fresh warnings for flood-affected Auckland residents still cleaning up their damaged properties

There are fresh warnings tonight for flood-affected residents who are still mucking in to clean up their damaged properties.

They're being urged to keep children and pets clear of waste piles, which may be contaminated and pose a risk to their health.

Graham Gilfillan and his wife Diane have been living in their Henderson home for just over 20 years. But last Friday's flooding has forced them out once and for all.

"We've had a few floods previously, but this is by far and away the worst we've ever had. Unfortunately, we won't be coming back here," Graham told Newshub.

The couple have spent the last week salvaging what they can from their council-owned property.

"It's not looking terribly promising... I think we've probably lost about 90 percent of what we had," Graham said.

Then they arrived home on Monday morning to find the house had been ransacked by intruders overnight.

"It was relatively clear before this morning but whoever they were looted through everything, turned everything over, had a good look for whatever they could find. They had a good look through the shitty rubbish bags too," Graham said.

Muddy footprints were evidence of the looters' presence.

"I put in a 111 call this morning just to let them know but I don't think I'm the only one to have done that by the sounds of things," Graham said.

And he's right. Police say people do take advantage of homes and businesses being left vacant and urge residents to keep their eyes out for suspicious behaviour.

But Graham is far from the only one still in clean-up mode with a steady stream of flood-affected homeowners dumping more damaged goods at Waitākere Refuse and Recycling Station on Monday. This adds to the more than 620 tonnes of waste dropped off to 15 stations across the city.

"This is my sixth [journey]," one person told Newshub. "Just wet mattresses, general rubbish - just shit everywhere eh!"

This is just another example of how big the cleanup has been for some people. It's now 10 days since the first flooding event in Auckland. People are tired, stressed and frustrated and it's starting to take its toll.

And there are fresh warnings for people to keep tamariki and pets away from contaminated waste. The Red Cross says people's health is a priority.

"There is a lot of diseases that can be in contaminated water so be really aware of that but also aware of people's mental health. People deal with disasters differently," Red Cross spokesperson Maria Bond said.

As the cleanup continues and the city attempts a return to normality.