Hamilton Mayor 'disgusted' at reports of a planned central city fight

Hamilton Mayor 'disgusted' at reports of a planned central city fight
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The Hamilton Mayor is disgusted at reports of a planned central city fight in Hamilton on Friday afternoon. 

Police confirmed to Newshub they're aware of information circulating online about the fight where groups are planning to fight each other.

The event titled "Battle of the Hoods 2023" is scheduled for Friday in Hamilton.

A concerning part of the advertisement said "weapons aloud" and "stab for stab". 

Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate condemned the reports of the planned fight and any violence in Hamilton.  

"I am shocked, disgusted and disappointed to hear about an organised fight in Hamilton in the next few days, and that it has been promoted and shared on social media," Southgate wrote on Facebook.

"The police, our hardworking City Safe staff at Council, and other agencies, are all taking this situation very seriously. We have a zero-tolerance policy for these kinds of threats."

Police told Newshub they'll deploy officers in the area of the fight. 

"Police will be actively monitoring for any unlawful activity, taking enforcement action if and when appropriate, the spokesperson said. 

"We would like to discourage members of the public from coming into the city to observe this event, as there is the potential that you may put yourself in harm's way." 

A local community group is also warning parents about the planned fight and to make sure their kids get home safely.

"We ain’t about this ugly behaviour happening around our Tamariki!" Te Whare O Te Ata / Fairfield Community House posted on Facebook. 

"If your kids catch buses please ensure their safety. Keep them safe at home and we will notify our police liaisons to ensure our parks are monitored, this ain’t about to come to our community!"

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