Police remind university students to take care this O-week

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Police have advice for students who plan to drink and party this O-week, reminding them to take care of one another.

"Police want students to have fun but be safe this orientation week," Hamilton City Area Commander Inspector Andrea McBeth said in a statement on Friday.

"We want parents and caregivers to take note of this advice too, so they can make sure their young people have the information they need to be safe while still having fun."

Inspt McBeth said it can be "easy to get swept up in the moment" when meeting new people and going to parties and warned without planning "things can come unstuck".

Police have the following advice for students:

  • Look after your friends and stick together 

  • If you plan on walking don't do it alone

  • Have a plan to get home safely at the end of the night

  • Have a form of payment to pay for transport home

  • Have a meeting point for your friends if you get separated

  • Have something substantial to eat before you head out to party

  • Have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink 

Otago Acting Inspector Jared Kirk said people hosting parties need to make sure they register it with the Good One Party at goodone.org.nz, "that way we can work with you to ensure it is safe".

"We love the energy students bring to the city but please be respectful, look after yourself, and look after your mates," he said.

And he has an important reminder for the students who plan on attending O-week in Dunedin.

"We all have a responsibility to ensure our friends and loved ones are safe, so keep an eye out and report any concerns you have," he said.

Police also have a message for anyone who plans on taking advantage of vulnerable or intoxicated people.

"Do not do this, and do not allow your mates to do this either," Inspt Kirk reiterated.

He said sexual assault is taken extremely serious by Police, and is completely unacceptable.

Dunedin's orientation week commences from Monday February 20.

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