Supermarket pharmacy in Tauranga dispensed incorrect drugs to consumers

Supermarket pharmacy in Tauranga dispensed incorrect drugs to consumers
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An in-store Countdown pharmacy has been called out for dispensing incorrect medication 22 times within 12 months. 

Countdown Bayfair in Tauranga had three complaints made against them to the Pharmacy Council by GPs, with one patient describing feeling heart attack symptoms following an incorrect dispensal of blood thinners.

Health and Disability Commissioner Morag McDowell said through investigation she uncovered further errors involving a number of consumers from 2019-2020.

McDowell said there were a number of concerns about the systems in place at the pharmacy during the time of the dispensing error.

"Staffing levels were inadequate and a lack of monitoring to detect errors resulted in a failure to take timely action," she said.

McDowell said she found the pharmacist employed during the complaint period in breach of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.

"The pharmacist had a professional responsibility to ensure the services she provided were of an appropriate standard," said McDowell.

McDowell said she is pleased to see the matter has been taken seriously.

"Changes have been made to improve the working environment and appropriate support provided for the pharmacist," she said.