'Unused bucket for Wayne Brown' up for sale on Trade Me following flood response fiasco

  • 04/02/2023

In a tongue-in-cheek Trade Me listing, Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown has been given a helping hand after his response to the city's flooding emergency got him in deep water.

A listing for an "unused bucket for Wayne Brown" has popped up in Trade Me - and the seller said they expect it to stay unused under Brown's care.

It's a dig at the Mayor who said it was "not my job to rush out with buckets" at a media stand-up following a state of emergency declaration for Auckland.

Four people were killed in flash floods and landslides that hit Auckland beginning last Friday, as torrential rainfall caused what is being described as the biggest weather event in New Zealand's history.

The Mayor's notable media absence and delay in declaring a state of emergency copped a lot of criticism, with a petition started to remove him from office. Brown has since apologised for how the emergency was handled.

The fiasco prompted the seller James to list an unused green bucket for Brown on Trade Me. 

It will be sent to Brown along with instructions for its use, the listing said.

"The bucket has never been used and we expect it will remain this way while Brown is Mayor!

"It comes with a sturdy handle so that Wayne can easily pass it along bucket chains - although we recognise that participation in team efforts is not the Mayor's forte.  

Unused bucket for Wayne Brown.
Unused bucket for Wayne Brown. Photo credit: Trade Me

"Capacity: the bucket holds 9ltr or approximately 9kg of water. We realise that this might be a little heavy for some, but given the strength and stamina the Mayor has built up playing tennis we think he can handle it.

"Its calm green colour is intended to remind the Mayor that unless we address climate change he is going to need a lot more buckets like this!

"Disclaimer. Like most politicians, the actual product colour may vary from the images shown."

As of the time of publication, the auction is at $110 with 20 bids.

All of the proceeds will be donated to the Auckland flood relief.