Another wastewater pipe bursts in Wellington CBD as leak saga continues

Another water pipe has burst in Wellington, sending untreated wastewater into the harbour.  

Wellington Water said there was a burst wastewater pipe in Victoria Street, in downtown Wellington, on Thursday morning and crews are at the scene trying to fix the issue. 

The initial discharge of untreated wastewater lasted 17 minutes and entered the harbour through the Harris Street stormwater drain outlet, Wellington Water said.

"We’re putting up signs in the harbour area to notify the public. We already have a harbour water sampling schedule in place around the area where the discharge is entering the harbour, due to the planned project work in Victoria Street," Wellington Water said. 

"We were already working on another project in the same area and traffic management was in place for that work and we don’t expect this issue to add any further traffic disruption."

It's expected the repairs will take most of Thursday to complete. 

The latest incident comes just two days after a burst pipe cut drinking water to parts of central Wellington and closed a major road. 

It's previously been reported Wellington Water has fixed 220 leaks this week on the public drinking water network and since March 8 there have been a confirmed 3035 leaks identified by Wellington Water. 

Last week a burst pipe caused a major slip that saw houses evacuated and people left without power. 

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