Auckland Transport warns hour-long bus delays on Tuesday are 'expected to get worse'

  • 21/03/2023
Auckland Transport warns hour-long bus delays on Tuesday are 'expected to get worse'
Photo credit: Newshub

Auckland Transport (AT) warns heavy congestion is causing delays to bus services across much of the city.

"Delays between 10 and 60 minutes have been observed and the delays are expected to get worse as we move further into the afternoon peak," it said in a notification.

"The hardest hit areas are central, west and upper south Auckland but we are seeing delays in all areas."

Previously AT has come under fire for asking people to consider avoiding travelling during peak times to help ease congestion on the roads.

Last month it warned March is set to be the busiest month on the transport network since 2019 as Aucklanders return to study and work.

"Buses, trains and ferries will be busier and more services will have standing room only. For those who need to travel in peak, please allow extra time," it tweeted.

This message caused outrage online and was labelled "ridiculous" and "insulting".

"Seriously? No wonder so many people just give up and drive now - what an embarrassment," one person said.

"Hey! I wanted to catch an off-peak bus, but AT cancelled two in a row. An hour between buses...? This is all a joke to AT management and Board, right?" another replied.

"Honestly, this is insulting to your customers. Stop," a third wrote.

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