Witness recalls terrifying events leading up to cops shooting man outside police station in Henderson, west Auckland

A witness to a dramatic showdown between police and a gunman in west Auckland has recounted the terrifying events that led to officers shooting down the man who allegedly opened fire at a petrol station earlier. 

On Friday morning, police swarmed Henderson after a man allegedly attempted to rob Henderson's Gull petrol station. Police say he opened fire at the petrol station but no one was hurt.

The man managed to flee and police say he fired at least seven shots at officers on the chase.

The man drove to the Henderson police station where he exited his vehicle while allegedly holding a firearm and was "challenged by armed police".

"The man has not engaged with our staff and has been shot," said Superintendent Naila Hassan, Waitematā District Commander.

The man received first aid at the scene and is now in a critical condition.

A woman who Newshub has agreed not to name had just arrived at work when she saw police cars at the Gull service station "talking with some people".

The woman told Newshub police had cordoned off the petrol station and were asking people to leave, but within minutes chaos erupted.

"This black car just came in and went through the tape and all the cops just pointed guns at them."

The car, which the woman describes as a black hatchback with tinted windows, sped off once police pointed their guns at the car, she said.

She added police were quick to chase the car once it fled. 

"Then I heard some gunshots further down that way and they (police) all went the opposite way to where the gunshots were."

The woman told Newshub the ordeal unfolded "really fast" and she's been left startled by what she saw.

"Very shaky, it happened two hours ago and I'm still shaken."

Watch the full interview above.

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