Almost 330kg of crystallised meth found in beer shipment so far

Police have found almost 330 kilograms of methamphetamine concealed in a shipment of beer so far.

Auckland City's Organised Crime Unit has been investigating the shipment, which resulted in a search warrant executed in Ryan Place, Auckland earlier in March.

So far, 328kg of methamphetamine has been recovered in crystalised form from the industrial address. Analysis is continuing into methamphetamine in liquid form that was recovered at the same time.

Police said it is a significant volume of work and they will give more updates once this analysis is completed.

They added they anticipate the total quantity of methamphetamine recovered to increase.

There are currently two people before court in relation to the importation of methamphetamine concealed in a large shipment of Honey Bear House Beer. The beer has been linked to the death of a 21-year-old man.

Police said further charges in this investigation haven't been ruled out.

At this stage, police said they haven't found any further cans of Honey Bear House Beer circulating in the community. Although they warn anyone who still has one of these beer cans to not consume it and contact police immediately by phoning their 105 phone service quoting the file number 230310/6793.

Police said consuming beer contaminated with methamphetamine may have serious or fatal medical consequences.