Landlord struggling to pay mortgage after rental property trashed

An Auckland landlord says he's been left wondering how to pay his mortgage after his Papakura rental property was ransacked last week.

The man said the ordeal has him considering whether to stay in the country.

His rental property is in tatters leaving him wondering where to start.

His three-bedroom Papakura rental was allegedly destroyed by a large group last week. 

The owner, Mr Sandhu, didn't want to appear on camera but told the New Zealand Herald the damage was done by a large group of more than 22 after the tenants were evicted for rent arrears.

"Exterior, all the insulation, they've damaged everything. Look at these windows," Sandhu told Newshub. 

Sandhu said the crime has left him in financial strife. The property is insured, but he's now unable to rent it.

"I've got to pay, every week, $900 for this house and at the moment the interest rate is so high, so that's why we're struggling to pay the mortgage." 

And he's not impressed by the police's response.

"All the neighbours, they have done the police complaint as well. But the police haven't even turned up," Sandhu told Newshub. 

In a statement, police told Newshub the incident occured between 4.45 and 5.45pm last Monday, and they'll be in touch with Mr Sandhu as the investigation advances.

Little comfort for someone whose property now looks like this.