New Zealand needs to ready itself for 'new norm' of natural disasters, Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier says

  • 28/04/2023

The Chief Ombudsman says New Zealand needs to ready itself for the "new norm" of natural disasters, which is one of the motivations behind his tour of flood-stricken regions.

Peter Boshier is visiting Auckland this week and next as part of his extreme weather events engagement tour.

This follows his visits to Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, Wairoa, Napier and Hastings earlier this month where he had face to face interactions with community leaders, iwi, local mayors and council chief executives.

Boshier said the visit to Auckland would be followed by trips to Coromandel and Northland.

"Extreme weather now seems to be the new norm - I do think the country's got to ready itself for the new norm," he told AM on Friday.

Boshier said he trying to identify the issues in responding to severe weather events and to "oil the machinery as quickly as I can".

"It's too complicated at the moment," he said.

"There are three things that people are looking for in this time of crisis; it's visibility… the second thing they want is action… and the third thing I just want to stress is leadership. It's not clear at times who's in charge and I think what those who are suffering need is to feel that they're being listened to, that they're wanted and that something's happening."

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