NZ weather: Kiwis wake to bone-rattling temperatures on Anzac Day

Kiwis have woken to a brisk and chilly Anzac Day morning, with many places around the country in the negatives. 

The cold temperatures come as MetService warns a cold southwesterly change is sweeping up New Zealand, bringing strong winds, showers and much cooler temperatures. 

The forecaster said a front is expected to move northwards across southern and central New Zealand on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, followed by westerly gales in some places. 

MetService meteorologist Jessie Owen told Newshub on Monday the cold front that has hit New Zealand is in vast contrast to the muggy warm temperatures we've been experiencing lately. 

"We're looking at a change to much colder temperatures most noticeably will be the overnight low temperatures. So tomorrow morning's temperatures are going to be very cold," Owen said. 

MetService told Newshub Tuesday was a "chilly morning", with many places having their coldest morning of the year so far and lots of places had frosts. 

MetService revealed Anzac Day's coldest morning temperatures, with Twizel the chilliest place in New Zealand, getting down to a bone-rattling -4.1 degrees. 

Seven other places were in the negatives, with the next coldest town being Waiouru -3C, then Taupō and St Arnaud which were both a chilly -1.7C, Alexandra -1.2C, Timaru -1.1C, Culverden -1C and Taumarunui -0.8C.  

Three other towns were also below 1 degree, with Rotorua 0.1C, Christchurch 0.8C and Hamilton 0.9C. 

Wanaka 1.2C and Blenheim 1.3C were only slightly warmer while Hasting 1.7C and Masterton and Palmerston North were a chilly 1.8C. 

NZ weather: Kiwis wake to bone-rattling temperatures on Anzac Day
Photo credit: Supplied/MetService

But not everywhere was cold, with Stewart Island being one of the warmer spots in New Zealand reaching 12 degrees, while Queenstown and Dunedin were the warmest at 13C.

In the big cities, Auckland got down to 6.2 degrees, Wellington 7.5C and Dunedin 9.7C. 

Owen told Newshub while the morning might be cold, Anzac Day will shape up to be a fine and warm day for most. 

"We're looking at high temperatures around about average for this time of year, sort of in the mid to high teens throughout the country," Owen said. 

"So the cold is not going to linger throughout the day. The weather is looking pretty settled for the North Island in particular. It's looking pretty dry for most of the island and then just from the afternoon onwards, we're looking at a little bit of cloud and maybe a light shower or two to western parts but the east should remain fine." 

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