King Charles III's coronation: New Zealanders mark occasion with tea parties, punk concerts

New Zealanders marked the coronation of King Charles III with events around the country, ranging from tea parties in retirement homes to punk concerts in pubs.

At Settlers Rest Home in Albany, Auckland, everyone wanted a slice of the action, or rather, a slice of cake with the King on it.

Ex-Navy John Bruce used a sword handed down from his father to celebrate.

"Gary came and said to me, 'You wouldn't have a sword at home, would you?' [I said], 'Oh yeah, I've got a World War I one," he said. 

It was the first time the sword was out of the cupboard in 50 years. For him and many others, it was a trip down memory lane and a reminder of the last coronation for Queen Elizabeth II.

"We all sat on wooden benches, tiered, and watched this grainy black and white picture of Her Majesty in the royal carriage. It was pretty special," said royal fan Norman Lodge.

At the age of 15, Lodge watched the Queen's coronation in a terraced street in Liverpool on a rich neighbour's nine-inch black and white telly.

It happened during an era when today's headwear might have caused a riot.

"Well, they ran out of crowns actually, so rather than miss out - because King Charles has said we're an inclusive society - I bought a tiara," Lodge said.

Evelyn Webb turns 100 in a couple of months. She's still a fan of the royals, despite all their feuds and gaffes.

"It's sure and safe. They make fools of themselves sometimes but they sort themselves out in the long run."

Monarchists elsewhere in New Zealand also got into the swing on Saturday night. There were parties featuring coronation quiche and cups of tea in royal crockery. There were also as many Union Jack flags as could be mustered, dressed-up dogs, even a royal tableau.

Then there are those who yell "there's no future" for the monarchy.

"So we're just throwing a gig and stuff for all the people that, instead of watching the coronation and stuff, they can come here and get wasted, watch some good old f***ing punk rock," an organiser said.

Nevermind the Coronation held their own mad parade at Wellington's Boneface Tavern. 

"A message for the King? Oh I'm sorry, you mean the cuzzies that came in and stole our f***ing land? Yeah, I don't give a f**k about them."

Back in Auckland, on a windy day at the Domain, others eventually acted on the eco-minded King's desire for us to plant trees.

Something King Charles would be pleased with is 400 native saplings were given away to the first takers - and there were plenty of them.

"I'm so proud of him that he did that, that he encouraged people throughout the world to follow his idea," one person said.

"It's a nice way to celebrate the day, his coronation," another said.

The military marked the coronation in traditional fashion.

"If you're quite close to them then you're just going to get your ears exploded," a young spectator said.

A new era brought in with a bang.