Meet the two Kiwis escorting King Charles during his coronation

Two New Zealanders will be escorting King Charles during the coronation procession from Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace, as part of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) contingent. 

In a sea of synchronized camo, Kiwis in khaki and blue stood proud and stood out from the 32 other nations. 

Twenty-one New Zealanders are part of the King's coronation procession. 

Harris Thien from Auckland and Jess Hansen from Palmerston North will be up close and almost personal. 

"We're marching either side of the carriage, escorting the King from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace," said Hansen. 

They'll be right alongside the second wheel of the Gold State Coach, within arm's reach of the King, but no touching and no selfies.

"Ohhh it's pretty nerve-wracking, to be honest," Thien told Newshub. 

Even though he's already met Charles in 2019 on a Royal visit to Aotearoa. 

"I wasn't expecting him to stop right in front of me and say 'hey how's it going?'," Thien said. 

Hansen said they're "pretty excited" but there's a job to do so "I'll be keeping eyes front". 

And legs crossed, because if there's a need to use the toilet they just have to hold on. 

The logistics of 7000 marching military is mastered down to every step. 

"We all step off at the same time, on the same foot, at exactly [the] same second so it's impressive," said NZDF contingent commander Mike Beale. 

Thursday's (local time) rehearsal is the final practice before the real deal on Saturday, a last chance to perfect the steps and iron out any creases to ensure issues like flying tents and keeping to the beat is in order. 

Oscar-winning composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is in charge of the coronation music.

"Charles wants [the] anthem to be hummable and humble."

And in 24 hours things will definitely be humming.

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