12yo dies after huffing aerosol deodorant in Hamilton

A 12-year-old has died in Hamilton after huffing aerosol deodorant.

On Saturday evening, the boy was huffing with two friends at the bus stop on Tasman Road and was told off by a member of the public.

The Coroner confirmed to Newshub he then ran across the road while still huffing and collapsed. 

"Members of the public and ambulance staff tried to help him, but he could not be revived," the Coroner said.

"The child ingested an inhalant believed to be a Dove deodorant can."

Police confirmed they were called to a sudden death at 6:50pm on Saturday on Tasman Road.

"There are no suspicious circumstances, and the death will be referred to the Coroner," a spokesperson told Newshub.

Earlier this year, a Hamilton laundromat owner spoke out after children as young as eight years old were caught climbing into machines and huffing deodorant cans.

The laundromat owner said the children would be there two or three times a day. CCTV footage showed one boy collapsing to the floor, and in another video a group waited over a minute and a half before going to check on their friend who locked themselves in a dryer to huff.