Auckland flood-affected homeowners 'fed-up' with lack of communication from Auckland Council

Flood-affected homeowners in Auckland say they're "fed-up" with the lack of communication from Auckland Council over the future of their damaged properties.

The council claims to have begun the process of engaging with households on Monday but residents are still in the dark.

Amrita Ajula's been waiting five long months for news on the future of her flood-affected home and the wait looks set to continue.

"I actually spent my whole Monday, literally refreshing 30 times, making sure it's not gone to spam and I've not missed out anything," she told Newshub.

Like thousands of stickered homeowners yesterday, she was expecting an update on her property. Instead they say they received "nothing at all".

"It's been radio silence," said another affected resident, Lyall Carter.

And they feel let down by Auckland Council.

"I think it was a miscommunication, we realise that nobody can hear quickly enough about this stuff," said Auckland Council group recovery manager Mat Tucker.

"We always intended it was week commencing the 12th June and that's where we're at."

So from Wednesday until Friday some 800 high-risk property owners will receive a letter requesting more information about their property so a risk assessment can be completed. And that will ultimately decide whether their homes qualify for a government buyout.

"It's a really complicated geotechnical flood-mapping exercise to get to which homes should be in which categories," Tucker said.

Then from next week, they'll begin consultation with those homes deemed the lower risk category 2.

But for some affected residents the trust has been lost.

"This is a really complex process, which has got huge emotional and financial stakes at play and they can't even meet the deadline," Carter said.

Because all the property owners want right now is some certainty.