Fleeing driver crashes into oncoming cars on Wellington motorway

  • 14/07/2023
Police arrested three people.
Police arrested three people. Photo credit: Getty Images

Police have arrested three people after a fleeing vehicle crashed into two cars on a busy motorway north of Wellington.

It all started when police saw a person of interest in a vehicle on Whitford Brown Road at around 10am Friday and signalled for the driver to stop.

Police said immediately, the vehicle turned left and began heading south on the northbound lane of the Whitford Brown offramp.

The vehicle drove into oncoming traffic, crashing into one vehicle which nudged into a third vehicle. One vehicle was moderately damaged and the other had minor damage, police said.

Police said minor injuries were reported to those in the second vehicle.

Three people were taken into custody from the offending vehicle and charges are being considered, police said.

The Serious Crash Unit was in attendance, and the road has now reopened.