Pleas for old dog Buddy to be returned, stolen from Christchurch rescue shelter

"A dog with severe arthritis and tumours."
"A dog with severe arthritis and tumours." Photo credit: Facebook: Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

A Christchurch dog rescue shelter is pleading for the return of Buddy, an elderly dog stolen on Thursday afternoon. 

Founder and director of Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, Abbey van der Plas told Newshub a man broke his way into the shelter with his eye on one dog, Buddy. 

In CCTV footage, van der Plas could hear some of the dogs "going off" for a few minutes before the man allegedly broke in.

"I believe he's gone around the outside fences and cased out where the dog, which run the dog was in."

She said once the man scoped out the layout and location of the dog, van der Plas alleges he walked around the front and cut a part of the fence where the man climbed up and over.

"You can see in the video, he's heading straight to the run he knows the dog is in."

Van der Plas, who was emotional while speaking to Newshub, said the man left the shelter the same way he came in. 

"He's thrown the dog over two, two-meter high fences. A dog with severe arthritis and tumours." 

She told Newshub Buddy was due to undergo surgery on Monday to remove the tumours. 

The dog lover told Newshub she took Buddy on a five-minute walk on Thursday where he was "limping".

"He's not a very mobile boy."

Van der Plas "just wants him back" because she wants to find Buddy a "nice home where he can retire at the end of somebody's bed".

"He's not been a well-loved dog. He was in the pound for months."

She said her rescue shelter takes dogs who are on "death row in pounds".

"We take dogs that are awaiting euthanasia and we're their last chance."

She's asking anyone who has information to contact police or the rescue centre on their Facebook page

A police spokesperson confirmed in a statement they received a report of the Buddy being stolen on Thursday afternoon.

"Unfortunately at this point there are no lines of inquiry, however, if anyone has any information they are asked to please contact police."

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