Yanfei Bao: Forensics combing over Christchurch property in search for missing real estate agent

Police have zeroed in on a property in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby in their search for missing real estate agent Yanfei Bao.

A tent has been set up and forensics are combing over 16 Trevor Street, a vacant house that's up for sale.

This Trevor Street property is a recent listing with Harcourts - and now it's also a crime scene.

Forensics is scouring the property as they inch closer to finding Yanfei Bao, who has now been missing for seven days.

"I'm really frightened to see what's happening over there. This is the first time something happens," one neighbour told Newshub.

Neighbours told Newshub police have seized security camera footage from multiple houses to help with the investigation.

But none of them know just what police are hoping to find in their quiet Hornby street at a house that has sat vacant for several weeks awaiting auction.

"I used to come by bus and I'm really frightened now," one told Newshub.

One neighbour was too scared to speak on camera.

"Staying at home with the doors locked because it's a bit scary. Police have said it's safe but it's still scary."

It's been reported Bao was to show a client through the property.

This is the third property that has been searched as part of Operation Helo. It's about a five-minute drive from where Bao's car was found last week in Wigram, near where she'd been door-knocking as part of her job as a real estate agent.

Police are still appealing for sightings of a silver Mitsubishi sedan that they've seized.

They want to hear from anyone who may have seen it last week in several Christchurch suburbs.

Yanfei Bao: Forensics combing over Christchurch property in search for missing real estate agent
Photo credit: NZ Police

A 52-year-old man is in custody after being charged with kidnapping Bao, and police haven’t ruled out further charges or making more arrests.

Wednesday will mark a full week since Bao was last seen, with concern for her safety only growing.

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