Auckland's Western Springs College closes over 'major' sewage leak

Western Springs College.
Western Springs College. Photo credit: Newshub.

All students at a large Auckland school have been sent home due to a sewage leak.

An email sent to Western Springs College parents said sewage had leaked into carpets.

"Unfortunately Western Springs College students will have to be sent home at the end of lunch today at 1.40pm," principal Ivan Davis said in the email.

"We have a major sewage leak in the school which is seeping into the carpeting and creating a health hazard for all occupants of the main building."

Parents further asked to keep an eye on their emails for updates. 

Western Springs College was built on closed landfill, according to environmental and engineering consultants Tonkin + Taylor. The surrounding area also has a "chequered history" of basalt quarrying and landfilling.

This means the school sits on variable thickness of historical refuse materials, which are overlaid on basalt flows that are potentially from Mount St John.