Lotto: Powerball's $26 million could be yours after numbers drawn

  • 05/08/2023

The Lotto numbers for Saturday night's draw have been revealed, after the Powerball jackpot hit a whopping $26 million.

This week's Lotto numbers are 24, 18, 28, 32, 26, and 23, while the bonus ball is 16, plus Powerball is 1.

The last giant win was in June when a lucky Christchurch couple banked a colossal $33.5 million. They kept their ticket in a sock drawer for over a week before claiming their prize.

"I kept thinking, 'Goodness, I better make sure the iron is turned off' every time I went out!" said the woman.

It was Aotearoa New Zealand's third-biggest Powerball win ever.

Meanwhile, Lottery expert and general manager at EmuCasino Mike Greenberg, who has analysed Lotto's Powerball data from 2023, said the most "unlucky" number to pick for entry appears to be 36.