Restore Passenger Rail: Climate protester's message to disrupted Wellingtonians

A climate protester has told angry Wellington commuters their disruptive demonstrations are done out of love.

Rosemary Penwarden was arrested on Tuesday morning after she cemented her hand to a busy Wellington road. She was a part of the Restore Passenger Rail group which blocked northbound traffic on the State Highway 1 intersection with Wellington Road in Kilbirnie.

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Her message to the commuters she upset was: "It's for you too. I do this with love."

"So many people are terrified of the climate crisis but we are not doing enough."

She said taking climate action can help people relieve their "climate anxiety".

But Wellingtonians didn't appear to appreciate the protest.

While AM reporter James Fleury was at the scene, one passer-by yelled "a***hole" while a person on a motorbike drove up the sidewalk to try to get through. Some cars were driven up on the curb in an attempt to get past.

Watch the video above.