Weather: Another cold blast on the way for New Zealand

Weather: Another cold blast on the way for New Zealand
Photo credit: WeatherWatch

Another cold blast will hit New Zealand this weekend and it could even include a few thunderstorms.

Currently there's a big low over the country that has high pressure all around it, WeatherWatch head weather analyst Philip Duncan said. This will fall apart on Wednesday and there'll be a burst of heavy rain for the western North Island.

On Friday there'll be some high pressure to the north, but Duncan warned there's some colder weather on the way.

"Here comes the next blast. Australia gets it first with the cold change, snow on the mountains and ranges, and a windy southwester coming in behind it," he said in a YouTube video.

"That front moves into New Zealand on Saturday. Saturday to begin with [is] warm and windy with the northwesters blowing. It'll be a warm day, feel like spring, but then the front will come in at some point across the day. There could be a few thunderstorms in there."

By Sunday, it'll all merge together and a new low will form. A southerly injection with the cold front will work together and a high to the east will block it all, meaning the low will be slow-moving.

Hauraki Gulf Weather warned those who had outdoor activities planned this weekend across the North Island to factor in unstable conditions.

"Tropical-fed converging north to north-west winds are always a recipe of extended periods of rain," they tweeted.

There's been some snow in parts of New Zealand recently, with road snowfall warnings still in place for many areas.