AM viewers spot 'Helen Clark ghostly like figure' in Hipkins interview

AM’s Ryan Bridge was playfully shocked to learn viewers weren’t paying attention to his interview with Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, but instead focusing on a ghost-like figure in the background.  

"I thought I was conducting a very professional, very inquisitive, and formative interview with the Prime Minister.” 

“But it turns out all of you weren’t listening to that, you were just watching the ghost-like figure that people say was appearing behind Chris Hipkins.” 

The show cut to a video of an earlier aired interview with Hipkins outside the Christchurch Art Gallery, where a mysterious shape of a body was staring through a window towards the camera. 

After taking a sarcastic dig at the viewers for not paying attention to the interview, Bridge read one piece of feedback. 

“Did you notice the Helen Clark ghostly-like figure in the window during your interview in Christchurch with the Prime Minister?” 

Nicki Styris quipped back saying “it should be Jacinda Ardern... you know, watching on,” while Bridge added that it could have been Grant Robertson. 

The hosts replayed the video to find out exactly what or who the figure was but couldn’t come to a conclusion other than labelling it as “spooky”. 

Styris playfully joked that it’s “one way” for Hipkins to “draw attention away from himself”. 

However, the figure has become solidified as the ghost of Hipkin’s past with the AM hosts asking if anyone has any ideas of who is haunting the Christchurch Art Gallery to get in touch.